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Of Dandelions and Pinecones

September 28, 2015

While work in my mom’s house has been slow and not steady, there are some spaces that are coming together in a protracted way.  One thing I have wanted to incorporate are things that have associations with each of my mom’s grandchildren.  These botanical posters are the nod to my biology-loving daughter.  Twice in the spring, she accompanied me to paint, and I received a botany lesson in my mom’s yard.  I learned that a dandelion and a pine cone are amazingly complex.


 vintage Jung-Koch-Quentell school posters are used in lieu of headboards

Pine on left, Dandelion on right 



stunning, agree?

I remember the times I sat on the cub tractor, mowing the dandelions on that lawn.  And the times that I picked up pine cones, to ensure that clean pine straw could be raked.  Not once, did I wonder at the exquisiteness of these common nuisances.  Not once.

But redemption comes in unexpected ways and places.  No longer will I be able to view a dandelion and a pine cone the same.  Amen.

This poem comes to mind. 

May wonder be stirred,



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  1. Elaine permalink
    October 5, 2015 3:24 am

    June, I love this. Love the room, and the incredible wall-hangings by you and Amelia. So much talent. Y’all are amazing!


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