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The Flying Fig




This old barn served as a workshop for June Eason and Frankie Remaley where they split their time creating new pieces and re-creating vintage pieces.

WHO WE WERE, during The Flying Fig days


      June is a former math teacher and stay-at-home mom. The Flying Fig is located at the barn where she played as a child.  Funny thing, she has run in a big circle and is back playing. Someone recently visited the barn and commented that she must be living a dream. For the record, June would never have dreamed up so much hard work.  June makes her home in Raleigh with her husband and three children.



     Growing up in Georgia and West Virginia , Frankie often hung out with her Dad. This is good for The Fig as she brings a comfort and intuitiveness with wood and tools that classify her as a holy wonder. Little known facts: first concert was Metallica, dreams of driving a big truck across the tundra, and makes a killer carrot cake.  Frankie resides in Angier with her husband and daughter.


buffets & consoles

DSCF2529_thumb4  232323232fp63553_nu3245__386_WSNRCG3[2]  DSCF2495_thumb3      001_thumb6 cherry-top-buffet2_thumb10  017_thumb4


chest of drawers

DSCF1486_thumb2  DSCF3019_thumb8      DSCF3150_thumb8      olive-green-chest-of-drawers_thumb10 French-gray-with-stained-oak-top_thu[1] 011_thumb5



DSCF3202_thumb6  232323232fp73466_nu3245__386_WSNRCG3[1]  DSCF2455_thumb9  DSCF2043_thumb4


hutches & armoires

   009_thumb5 DSCF3195_thumb9  232323232fp73455_nu3245__386_WSNRCG3  pie-safe_thumb2  DSCF2536_thumb9 DSCF2520_thumb2 232323232fp635__nu3245__386_WSNRCG36[1] DSCF2484_thumb9 DSCF3027_thumb2  003_thumb8_thumb1  shabby-china-cabinet_thumb2



DSCF3032_thumb8  DSCF2370_thumb9  001_thumb washstand3_thumb8   DSCF3266_thumb3_thumb1   DSCF2430_thumb8



232323232fp73444_nu3245__386_WSNRCG3[1]  DSCF2087_thumb2  DSCF3197_thumb9  DSC_0131_thumb8_thumb 015_thumb4  024_thumb4


tables we built

DSCF3244_thumb_thumb1  Hairpin-Leg-Table_thumb2  232323232fp733__nu3245__386_WSNRCG36[2]    010_thumb12 DSCF3246_thumb_thumb  DSCF24781_thumb    024_thumb7


small tables

DSCF2472_thumb2    232323232fp63564_nu3245__386_WSNRCG3[2]  DSCF3341_thumb2  DSCF3419_thumb2  DSCF3335_thumb8  DSCF3169_thumb7  Green-Leather-Distressed-Table_thumb 232323232fp7344_nu3245__386_WSNRCG36[1]  011_thumb8

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