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Ian’s Table

March 6, 2012


These are the flowers


that set by the laptop

DSCF2043     DSCF2029

that set on the table, Ian’s Table,


that sets on the side


of the sunroom.

As you can see, Ian’s Table is a part of the big picture.  No longer lacking in the sturdy and pretty department, this piece has had a reversal of destiny.  Ian’s Table has become my perfect desk.  (She is one of two pieces that came home with me from The Fig.) She has a small footprint…and is beautiful.  Irresistably so…countless are the times she has been caressed.  If someone sees her for the first time, it is inevitable that she is stroked.  But don’t let her beauty fool you, she is a workhorse.  She serves me well.

Who is Ian? you ask.  Another post, another day.

Here’s to beauty and service,


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