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From Pillar to Post

March 16, 2012

Dibs my friend declared, when she spied it in our barn. Definitely dibs, declared my friend who could have been, maybe should have been, an interior designer. And then her request was just do something with it. I trust you. Don’t ask me what. A dream request, I suppose…if you know what you are doing.


Finding these let-the-transformation-begin fabrics at Sew There in town was the needed impetus.


Inside                                                  Outside

Sandpaper, chalk paint, dark wax, string for hand-tying springs, and a great big new appreciation for those who call themselves upholsterers ensued.


Hmmm…the door I used to deliver this turn-of-the-century chair.


And now this chair, that probably has had a century of pillar to post, resides in this turn-of-the-century house in a great neighborhood

Peace out, as my friend would say,


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