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A Cinderella Story

April 3, 2012

DSCF1294             Blue & Gold

before                                                                                           after

Much like Cinderella, she wore tattered rags when I met her. Relegated to a thrift store, she was overlooked and dirty. She moved up a notch when she took up temporary residence in my garage. And here is where we digress from the fairy tale as we could not find a magic wand to flick. But after a beaucoup of hours of sanding and priming and painting and waxing, oh my, she could take your breath away. Literally. 

The reaction to this finished piece provided Frankie and me with some hard-to-beat memories and encouragement.  My eighty-year-old mother saying you will never do another piece like this one in an almost reverent tone.  The beautiful, pure spirit of the goth-clad teenage girl who stood spellbound when she opened its doors.  The belle-of-the-ball moment when she debuted at The Shopping Spree.  Magical.  Literally.

And a lesson also came from this piece.

Real beauty does not take.  Real beauty gives.   

p.s.  Cinderella is currently giving and living happily ever after in a prince-of-a-home.


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