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Burning Questions

April 13, 2012

To personalize the cobbler’s children have no shoes, my own house projects have definitely had back burner status.  Last week, the paint brushes were pulled out in our home, and the den and fireplace were given their due.  Or their overdue, to be more precise.  For years we had bemoaned how the brick fireplace sucked the light out of our northside den.  And while it was scary to put that paint-laden brush on brick, the only after-question was why did we wait so long to do this?

DSCF0329   DSCF2294

Benjamin Moore’s Ballet White on walls, Clay Beige on fireplace

The recent painting frenzy caused me to ponder…

Can the cobbler’s children have shoes?  Yes.  An emphatic yes.  (But the how is not so easy or decided.)

And why, oh why, can it take so long to address things that take away light and life for us?

Excuse me while I go do a little shoe shopping and wield a paintbrush,


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