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May 7, 2012

Not as prim as Mary Poppins…but proper, eh?


Can you imagine sitting at this in the morning?

Sitting, not standing and leaning over the bathroom sink, but sitting to don your mascara ? It might take some extra seconds, but my hunch is this more mindful posture would give back generously. And to frame yourself with bodacious beauty…how nourishing and unfettering might that be?

We have declared numerous times that we do not do custom work. But the following picture arrived in my email and the cabriole legs had me.

She arrived at the spa workshop and had a facial scrub sanding.

And a mask application tinted primer application.


And then red enamel paint..and gold brush…and replaced mirrors…and freshened original hardware.

DSCF2372    DSCF2354   DSCF2376   DSCF2381

And while these pictures do not do her justice (especially my husband and I reflected in the mirror!), she is a stunner.  When in doubt, wear red  so the quote goes.  Trust me, there was never any doubt she could wear red…her owner knew best.

The Flying Fig may seem like an above-board business, but we harbor some classified stuff.  This piece is a secret weapon before her owner dashes out the door!

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