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Flying Lessons: Somewhere Under the Rainbow

July 19, 2012


As my family prepares to leave the beach after two weeks of beautiful-day-after-beautiful-day, I came across these words penned last summer.   In hindsight, I realize this was a turning point in a tumultuous time.               Not a 180o kind of turn, but just-a-few-degrees kind of turn.  And a year out from these words, I know that a seemingly small shift in perspective makes a big, big difference down the road. 

We harriedly packed, bid adieu to the cat and dog and lizard, and made our way to the beach.

We hurriedly unpacked, ate supper while rain lashed the windows, then followed our eager children to the beach.

We looked up and were stopped in our tracks…by a rainbow. Not just any rainbow, mind you, but the rainbow. Mouth-dropping, eye-popping magic. Every color distinct against a dark dusk sky. Mr. ROY G. BIV dressed to the nines. This may be the rainbow of your lifetime, we told the kids.  Remember this.

Somewhere over the rainbow, troubles melt…so the song croons. But my life really is somewhere under the rainbow. Some heavy cares. Tedium.  Dusk promising dark. But when you stand awestruck beneath a full spectrum of color, well, you…are…awestruck.  And that messes with your perspective.  In a good way. 

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.   – Albert E=mc2 Einstein

  DSCF1420  DSCF1456  DSCF1410  DSCF1457  DSCF1458  DSCF1402    DSCF1419    DSCF1415  DSCF1422  DSCF1423

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