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Sit a Spell II

August 18, 2012

Some pieces get the lion’s share of style…this bench is one of those pieces.  Enough style for its highbrow past, definitely a-plenty for the ole’ barn, and I’m pretty sure statement-maker is in its future in a slightly understated sort-of-way.   The fabric for the seat cushion is Gin Rummy Quince.  Again, statement-maker in understated way.  



Our little lion (aka Ollie) at The Fig watched as the bench had a photo op…


and wondered if this bench got any of his style. It didn’t, by the way.

Ollie is comfortable with who he is…that is definitely stylin’



Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh  

Think I’ll go download some Tokens or Nylons ‘cause the lion sleeps tonight,


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