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Define ‘EASY’

October 29, 2012


DSCF3219       DSCF3216  


It was right there, in black and white (well, technically red, blue and white)



We looked at the packed woodshop…and questioned those claims.



Then, these words on the back of the truck. (H)elping Hands Along the Way!  And, lo and behold, there were helping hands along the way.



Gracias, Marcella, for the big smile that accompanied your hard work.


And much obliged, Joseph, for defining neighbor so well…You and Cherry truly have the uncanny gift of showing up at the right time.


TYVVM, Patrick…a broken leg did not keep you from bringing things we needed at the      11th hour. You are the best gimper.


To Frankie’s fella…you are the cat’s meow.

And to my behind-the-scenes husband…you keep coming home to me…amazing. 

Because of you guys, we gals were able to smile at the Spree!


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