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Flying Lessons: Caution

March 12, 2013


The Home Book

Sometimes you don’t know when you are beginning. A couple of years ago, in a browse through this book, I came to page 304. Aside from the fall of sunlight on the floor (my favorite thing), there was this painted cupboard that stole my attention. I was unaware that this image caught and held, but it did.

DSCF2485              DSCF0632

Months later, I came across the old hutch (on right) and brought it home.  Months after that, the old hutch became gray and yellow.  And this was a beginning… The Fig’s first piece. 

Funny, how we can retrace our steps (or thoughts, or words, or actions), and often find a starting point.  Funnier still, (scarier, too) how often we’re clueless that we’re beginning.  This realization comes with caution (we may find ourselves somewhere we never imagined nor wanted to be) and caution to the wind (we may find ourselves somewhere we never imagined…and are so glad we came) 


talking to myself !


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