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April 19, 2013

Asparagus, oh asparagus.  We’re giving a nod (and bow!) to this spring vegetable. 

  005   010   007   

We’ve got four casters… an asparagus-green paint chip…two drawer handles…


013some walnut and a new kreg jig… 



and Callie overseeing the operation of a moveable natural-stained island for a moveable feast.  And of all things, we even have a Homer Simpson quote (this is a nod and bow to my brother-in-law:)

“Olive oil…asparagus…if your mother wasn’t so fancy, we could shop at the gas station like normal people.” –Homer

Hopefully, this contemporary island will be quite the perennial…and both Homer and Marge could be comfortable using it.

Bring on the asparagus and olive oil and the Zero bar and 64-ounce Coke,


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