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Seeing Stars

August 2, 2013

I recently googled tips for moving someone to assisted living.  One line in the myriad of advice jumped out at me… do not go out and buy a new sofa. 

I laughed, nervously.  The advice was too late and lost on me, for I had indeed just bought this sofa for my Mom’s room.


Frankie has been the epitome of godsend ever since I met her.  First it was furniture, but friendship followed quickly.  

Frankie is one of those friends that you call on.  Her offers become actions.  While Mom was out of the house for an hour, she moved furniture at the speed of a thief.  She hung curtains.  She made Mom’s bed.  She shopped.   She helped me blend a little new beauty with the familiar in my mom’s new home.  She caught my tears and made me laugh.  And then the over-blessing…she thought this sofa was perfect.   

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.  -Emerson

Shine on (and don’t take all good advice to heart),


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