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Finding Home

August 26, 2013



Photo #1  ~ HOME

I was thrilled to receive this photo on my phone.  It is always a treat to hear back from our pieces!   As evidenced in photo #1, this one found a very good home last week! 



Photo #2   ~ BEFORE

This was one of the great pieces that we got from Colonial Corner in Coats.



Photo #3  ~  AFTER

We used a luscious dark gray paint, detailed the drawers, and changed out the hardware.

Makeovers.  What is it with before-and-afters?  For me, they are interesting and inspiring.  Fun and fascinating.  And sometimes, admittedly, the inspiration and fascination are  skin-deep at best. 

Transformations.   Now those strike a deeper-than-cosmetic chord.  They require time.  And thought.  And intentionality.   Less of look better and more of am better.

Rethinking can be powerful.  And I love that our client went home with this piece, thinking it would be for her now-toddler, soon-to-be boy (and one day it may be!) …but it stopped in the entry way and found its new home. 

Rethinking widens possibilities, alters plans.   Game changing.  Which can lead to living true.  Which leads to finding home in your own skin.  And that’s where the a-game is.

Even though it is early in the morning, I think I’ll have another think

Won’t you join me,


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