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Changing Course

October 28, 2013

Last winter, my eldest came into the kitchen, and with heavy hesitation said … Mom, I’ve been thinking…I want to change majors.   His major had been settled in his mind for years and he was just a year from college graduation.   I distinctly remember thinking be careful how you respond here.  (Because I was thinking … what!?! … where did this come from … you’re almost done … just stick it out)   So I listened.  And processed his words.  And realized that sometimes it takes more courage to change course than to stay the course.


And now a similar thing is happening at The Fig.  From the beginning, when there were requests for custom work, the response was always an adamant no.   My resolve was strong and sure.  But then a few slipped in, and while it was ridiculously hard on my nerves, it is a direction that we seem to be going. 

And crafting our own pieces…that too, is another direction we seem to be going.

We will still have occasional vintage pieces that we re-work and re-think, but there has been a turn in The Fig road.  More custom work.  More building.  We, too, are changing majors. 

Getting schooled!


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