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February 4, 2015

three clementines

Three Clementines – Julian Merrow-Smith

It’s the time of year when a parsnip just ain’t a peach.  You know, the time of year when you begin to get a hankering for some fruit and foolishly buy some strawberries. 

But then you get pulled back to the season, and citrus rightfully reigns. 

I’ve noticed a trend as of late.


A friend left a jar of homemade orange marmalade in my mailbox.  It is an orange marmalade without the bitter, and all kinds of orange-ness.  Just like my friend, bursting with goodness.  I am now confident that Paddington Bear would enjoy a stay at my house.



Drops of wild orange essential oil are rubbed together in my palms.  Maybe something is happening with my olfactory nerve and limbic brain, but I don’t worry about that.  I just know there is a time to inhale.


And is there any greater gift to cold hands, than a warm cup?

Orange you glad I shared my three darlin’ clementines?  Stay warm,


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