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The Heart of the Matter

March 16, 2015

Sometimes, a glimpse is all that you get. 

Let me try to explain.  Um.  Er.  Uh.  How do you explain something that you have only glimpsed?  If you can stay with me (tall order, I know:), I think I’ll try to work backwards.


Last week,  I found myself in Chatham County selecting a pile of pine for flooring.  Oh what a place!  They have been in the business of reclaiming heartwood pine, since before the reclaimed wood buzz. 


011 (2)

Heartwood Pine Floors showroom

In their showroom, I was immediately drawn to the southern yellow pine (on the floor, on the left).  Suited my taste, suited the budget.


One week ago,  the den in my mom’s house looked like this.

003 (2)



 Two weeks ago, it looked like this.




And three weeks ago, the space  was a separated den and  living room.

016  001



Six weeks ago, I began the task of cleaning out my mom’s house. 


Approximately thirty-two weeks ago, I nearly crumbled at the thought of clearing out my mom’s house.  The physical and emotional labor that would be required just seemed too much.


And sometime between six-weeks-ago and approximately thirty-two-weeks-ago, I got a glimpse of what the house could be.  I saw, in a dashing-by thought, a Thanksgiving meal taking place there with folks we’ve never shared a meal with before.  It was sort of weird, in a where did that come from sort of way.  (And even weirder and more wonderful, these folks are already planning to bring the turkey!)

So, the plans for the house are  it will be a sort of guest house.  My niece and her husband, who live in Davidson, plan to spend some time there.  I hope my family will get to spend some summer days  there.  And the doors will be open to others too. 


Back to the future.  The house has always been flanked by pine trees, so the heart pine flooring that was ordered last week seems fitting.  I think the house may still hold some more memories for my family.  But beyond Thanksgiving, who knows.  I have tried to bargain with God,  put some conditions on the house.   But when I have tried to shake hands, I have shaken air.  So I have called off negotiations.  And I now no longer wake at 4 am and wonder what am I doing?  I am simply acting on a glimpse.  Again, that is all you sometimes get.  And sometimes,  that is all you  need. 

Off to order a pneumatic floor nailer,



P.S.  Just found this photo – this is exactly what I hope the floors will look like!



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