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Good Gracious

July 24, 2012

Good gracious…while growing up, I heard this minced oath a lot.  It was a delightful way to hear my sweet mama curse. 

I’ve not heard this expression in awhile…but Frankie and I have had the opportunity to meet good gracious

John Michael and his wife, Mildred.  Gracious personified.


John, the son of a North Carolina sharecropper, and Mildred, a baby retrieved from a trash can in Texas, met and married in California a few decades ago, moved back to North Carolina and have built a beautiful life. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever met anyone more gifted and gracious. John is a metal sculptor.  And John and Mildred have amazing gardens (they have been featured on HGTV).  And while the metal art and gardens will blow you away, the real beauty is in who they are…to the core.  Gracious.  Gracious.  Gracious.   

232323232fp635;2_nu=3245_;;;_386_WSNRCG=363;4;3_55329nu0mrj[1]     We were fortunate to have some of John Michael’s copper garden art at The Fig in June.

   DSCF2405     DSCF2405

And here is a little peek into John Michael’s studio and gardens in Gibsonville, NC.  Each piece is one-of-a-kind…and get this, each leaf on the tree above is unique.


Oh, I wish I could share more, but my camera battery died after snapping just a few photos.  As my mama would say, Good Gracious!!!


Gracious is good,




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