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Peripheral Vision

July 31, 2012

A confession is coming…it ain’t been happenin’ at The Fig.  We have spent time there.  Really, we have. 

If you have stopped by The Fig, you have driven away, shakin’ your head and mumblin’ something about a summer circus.  And that is ok.  Really, it is. 

Summer has required some adjustments…as in,  face it, Cirque du Soleil is not in the cardsStop jugglin’ so much for a spellJust toss a couple of clubs at a time. While we’ve made some progress on some furniture pieces, we have been good with the fact that The Fig has not had center focus. We’re banking on the philosophy that if you put first things first, the rest will come. 

On an auntie note…both Frankie and I have relished being aunts this summer.


My niece, whom I adore and admire, was married in July…this couple is fo’ real.

DSCF2687   DSCF2733

Frankie’s nephews have joined her family for the summer.

May you juggle a tall, cool glass in one hand and a note to your aunt in the other,




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