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Set the Table

August 4, 2012

When we brought this table to the Fig, the top was in pieces.  Stripping and sturdying and staining ensued.  The party continued with Annie Sloan’s Antibes Green paint.


When the table did not sell, a plot emerged.  The table came home to my screen porch.

In the summer, our screen porch is where the evening meal happens.   And for a decade, our family of five has sat around a table for four.  And oh my, are we enjoying this piece…plenty of space for all of us and summer’s bounty. 

The daughter’s chore has been to set the table during the day.


And I love what this act does. I guess there is a bit of a false sense of preparedness as I am often not sure what’s for dinner. But the table is ready…a small but important measure of preparedness. And the sense of anticipation…again, a good oh my.

Antibes Green comes to Annie Sloan’s palette from two sources – palaces such as Fontainebleau and villages in Provence.


And let’s just party a little bit more with Antibes Green.


Antibes Green with dark wax on this small cupboard.

Happy is he who finds some party and some peace in his home, amen.  Whether a prince or a peasant, you can set the table.

bye from the bumpkin,


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