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What’s Wrong?

August 25, 2012

Remember Highlights magazines and the What’s Wrong with the Picture?  Well, here’s one you may not find on the back cover in a waiting room.


 94bfbfbf24b03b09b61eacff4525116b[1]     DSCF2968

ANSWER KEY 1. Handle is missing on the the right side of the middle drawer. 2. Keyhole escutcheons have not been attached.  3. There’s an aura on the top right drawer.


Now what’s right with this picture?



ANSWER KEY  1.  It is almost complete…yoo-hoo!  2. The missing handle is not missing…just not attached yet  3. The stained oak top is lovely   4. Shapely? Yes.  5. Original casters   6. Handsome and functional

  7. 42” wide =  Drawer space. Amen.


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