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The British Are Coming

August 29, 2012

As of now, I’ve no bucket list…but if I were to bang out a wishful to-do, visiting a Farrow & Ball  paint store would certainly be on it.  A jaunt to Atlanta or DC would be a-ok, or a journey to Dorset on the merry coast of England would be all right too.  

When I received Farrow & Ball’s colour card in the mail, I retreated to the screen porch and was as happy as any child with a great picture book could be.  Their colour chart is a visual bash.  The colour names are a fun read.…mouse’s back…orangery…drawing room blue…castle gray…smoked trout…print room yellow…mizzle…picture gallery red…and get these…churlish green…dead salmon…arsenic. 



These paint colours truly do have a depth that deserves appreciation.  And I really like that they have tonal undercoats for the paints.  Just call me gobsmacked.


at The (merry ole’) Flying Fig

While we’ve only used these paints a wee bit, it has been a treat.  But so as to avert any kind of revolutionary-war feelings, I must tell you that my first love is Benjamin Moore. (Rumour has it that I’ve been asked to call him Benny.)


Jack Vettriano

And let me clarify…this is not Frankie and June.  Frankie would be drinking iced tea and June would be coughing her sunglasses off if she were to take a puff of that cig.



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