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Chalk It Up

October 17, 2012


According to the math, we load up for The Spree in one week…woohoo!!!

Busy? Yes.  Exciting?  You betcha. 

We have been looking forward and working toward this event for months now.  We’re putting finishing touches on a couple of pieces that were unplanned…a visit to Bert’s yielded a couple of pieces that we just could not wait to do.  Emalee and Pat McCracken truly have an interesting place to explore and experience.   

While it is hard to imagine life after The Spree, thanks to Bert’s we can.  One of the first things on the post-Spree schedule is to repaint this chalkboard and hang this lovey in the barn.



I’ve always had a bit of fervor when it comes to a large chalk board.  As a little girl, a chalkboard enabled me to have some of the best-schooled stuffed animals imaginable.  And as a big-real-schoolteacher-girl, I used these for fractions and algebraic equations.  I taught back in the day…before smart boards…unimaginable, I know.

And no, Frankie will not have to hide the chalk from me.  Me doodling at the chalkboard while there is Fig work to do?  Of course not.  And no, no, no…I have not entertained the idea that our sweet barn cats will sit still for me to ‘teach’ them.

Need to make a pre-Spree list…anyone seen my chalk?


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