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Meet the Madame

October 5, 2012

Meet  Cinderella Story’s aunt…Mme. Cinderelda.  

She’s quite a dame…I mean, sporting a photo of herself without her petticoats and fancy gown.     


We didn’t know that Cinderella Story had an aunt until last week.  When we met her, we saw the resemblance immediately.  The madame took a shine to us, decided she wanted to trade her smelling salts for some fresh country air, and when Madame sets her mind…well, it just happens.  So Frankie and I found ourselves driving Miss Daisy, I mean, Mme Cinderelda to The Fig.  

Now she has decided that she would like a gown much like her niece…and when we mention that the gala is only three weeks away and that we might be a little pressed for time, she simply laughs and shushes us with oh girls! Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  The Madame definitely has the will…and we’re finding the way. 

Calling all elves,

june & frankie


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