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January 17, 2013

Form follows function…or as American architect, Louis Sullivan actually said “form ever follows function.  This is the law.”

When The Flying Fig first moved out of my garage (and screen porch, and sunroom, and, well, the whole house) to the barn, one of the first great discoveries was an old poplar slab from a tree that my dad felled fifty years ago, and (I wonder how) got to a sawmill.  Heavy, rustic, full of deep sawmill grooves.  Simple and stunning.  Hairpin legs were added to make a bench.  The bench took up residence in our home but pretty much just adorned a wall.  Then it was moved in front of the sofa. 

That’s when it found its home.  A bench no more, it has truly found its purpose, its function.  This piece was made to be used.  There should be a law. 


Get a load of the sawmill grooves.  Must have been quite a blade.


        DSCF3308       DSCF3317

Things are neat in these pictures, but let me tell you, this table holds laptops and wine and propped-up feet and chocolate milk and homework and remote controls and candles and books and curious cats and well, any and every thing.   Function2


There’s even room for the quintessential coffee table book – a gift from a friend as we’re planning a trip to Normandy. It is a table for all seasons. 

A good piece of furniture works for you. 

Abide by the law and use it!


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