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Law-Abiding: Rebuttal

January 22, 2013

The first rule of decoration is that you can break almost all the other rules. Respected decorator, Billy Baldwin, nailed it.   And while my temperament has always been one of rule-follower, I’ve come to admire an honest renegade spirit. 

I remember the first time I put paint on wood.  It was uncomfortable.  In fact, I felt as if I was being disrespectful, maybe irreverant, almost sacrilegious.  And yet, it felt right at the same time.  A dichotomy of sorts.

I have memories of my grandfather knee-deep in sawdust, creating useful, beautiful things.  The man had respect for the wood he worked with.  It would never have occurred to him to put paint on wood. 

I look at the sawmill marks on that slab of wood in my den and I am grounded.  The natural wood speaks to me deeply.  Simple. Unfussy. History-holding.  With yet more history to hold. 

And I look over at the first piece I put paint on.  Rule-abiding me used a daring custom-colored paint on a bookcase my uncle built. It was a risk that paid as I have so enjoyed that piece in its painted state. A layer of paint says another chapter in life.

DSCF3310     DSCF3473


I think of natural wood as feet-on-the-ground and painted wood as head-in-the-clouds. Goodness knows, we love both at The Fig.

So if you see me walking funny, now you know. I’m trying to walk with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds!




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