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Sit a Spell IV

February 1, 2013


Last week, we started work on this old settee. 


Brookleberry’s Antiques

This is not our settee. (Alas, I did not get a photo of ours.)  But ours  was smothered covered just like this.  Apparently this was the rose velvet of the day . 

We thought removing the upholstery would be easy, peasy…but no, it was more like a Discovery Channel Dirty Jobs episode. 

Now we’re on to getting this piece out of the parlor!   


This week we replaced the black-striped jute

DSCF3505   DSCF3508

with cat-approved red-stripe jute.

Did you know that red-striped jute is of better quality than black-striped?  Neither did we, but now we do:) 

Out of the parlor and into the streets,

june & frankie

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