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Flying Lessons: Hard Things

February 7, 2013

You can do hard things.   I spoke these words to my son this week.  You mustn’t think too far ahead…focus on what you have to do today.  Not next week, just today.  Though you’re understandably overwhelmed right now, you will get through this.  You will. 

And I thought it bore repeating.  You can do hard things, bud. 

hard things 2

In my son’s case, the overwhelm is the result of the combination of choice (“Mom, I can only blame myself for this school load”) AND absence of choice (an autoimmune disease).  This child o’ mine has already done hard things.  He can pull his wagon.  He just needed a helpful push by way of a reminder.

hard things 3

Brave Mable on etsy

This got me to thinkin’ about what’s in my wagon.  There are things by choice (e.g. husband, kids, The Fig) and things absent of choice (e.g. a sick child, a mom with dementia)  The wagon is full and precariously loaded.  I desire a wagon that’s got everything neat and strapped down.  In other words, I desire full-on equilibrium.  You know,  the balanced life But after decades, no less, I have come to view that life balance is a myth. Whew!  Just writing that makes me feel better.  Believing that makes me feel even better.  While I yearn for a simple and elegant life, I’ve no choice but to pull some complex and messy in my wagon. 

What does that look like?  There are times when you sit beside your child, and everything else slides to the edge.  There are times when you tend to your mama and only get in an hour at The Fig.  There are times when you’re on fire at The Fig and you don’t get home until suppertime.  There are times when you’re not sure you can carry it all another day.  Which means there are times when you need to be reminded.  You can do hard things.

hard things 4,


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  1. Mitzi Melton permalink
    February 16, 2013 3:26 pm

    Great message June! We all wish for life to go according to some sort of plan but I think God delights daily in our recognizing what He considers most important and yielding to the needs He puts before us. Beth Moore says: “If it is under God, it is in order>” I remind myself of that one daily. If it is under His plan and His direction, it is right and good and all that really matters. He does give us daily strength and grace to do the Hard Things. I marvel at His ability to guide and direct just that. I am going to print this message out for my children TODAY! I wish you and all those you love well! xo, Mitzi

    • February 17, 2013 9:33 pm

      Sweet, amazing Mitzi…what a gift to read YOUR words. There’s no bushel basket big enough to hide your light:) Would love for you and Jackie to head south one warm day and have lunch at The Fig. Thank you for taking time to share heartening words. love, june

  2. Mitzi Melton permalink
    March 2, 2013 4:28 pm

    Lunch with you at your Fig would be perfectly lovely. I will talk with The Jackie. I now subscribe to your blog on my Google Reader. It is rich! You are amazing. xo, mitzi


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