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All in a Day’s Work

March 20, 2013

Even though there was a faint, unpleasant smell when we left the barn yesterday, we left full of promise that today would find us finishing the settee

And then this morning, the odor was, um, not-so-faint.   At first, Frankie and I reacted the same…gagging, grabbing work masks, saying ugh.  Then, we reacted differently. 

Frankie:  We have got to find the source of this.

Me:  Isn’t there some kind of dead animal control agency that we can call? 

Then Frankie moved into action, grabbing a flashlight and moving into the storage part of the barn.  And while I reluctantly followed, my mind moved into action…as in I seriously had the irrational thought that now would be a good time to build a new workshop…one that is not connected to a barn.

Two hours later, after we had been in the rafters, and moved wood and shone light into all kinds of dark places, it became clear that Frankie was not going to give up and that I had nothing left to give but moral support.  So I stood outside the barn offering encouragement and help from afar, while Frankie’s persistent detective work was rewarded.   Something was under the barn floor. 

And then it was like CSI collided with The Beverly Hillbillies.  The girl can wield some weapons power tools to cut a hole in a barn floor to find a possum that has gone from dust to dust. 


What a morning! 

The afternoon held a different kind of excitement.  The settee is almost finished. Woo-hoo!!!


And while the morning and afternoon seemed incongruent, it was all in a day’s work.

If you need some sideline encouragement, don’t hesitate to call me,


(If you have an impossible job, call Frankie.)

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