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Sit A Spell V

March 24, 2013


We put together the colors of pistachio and eggplant…then added a flock of feathers and a bit of bohemian to get our latest Sit-a-Spell.  A dark purple is layered over paint lives of white and black and green in this very vintage rattan bench.    


DSC_0125   DSC_0135

I have a penchant for pillows stuffed with feathers.  So five pounds of feathers arrived at The Fig.  It’s safe to say there will be wafting feathers in the woodshop forever.  If you look closely at the pillow, you will see feather dust.  (If you look not-so-closely at anything in the woodshop, you will see evidence of feathers)   Amazingly, I still have a penchant for feathers. 

And Frankie now has a penchant for sewing.  She took a pillow with fringe class at Sew There in town this week which yielded these pillows.  The girl is stoked for more sewing at this place.  Sip-n-Sew, here she comes!

Knock me over with a feather,


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