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‘Who’s Yer’ Inspiration?

March 29, 2013

We recently acquired a hoosier.   

Hoosier6   hoosier5

Lawdy Miss Clawdy,  how have I done life without a hoosier?  No more walking miles around the kitchen while I stir the stew.  More leisure…guess these things decide what’s for dinner, hmmm.  And Good Golly, Miss Molly, the hoosier saves health, youth and good looks, strength, time and standing.  Throw those vitamins under the bus.

Unfortunately, we had not seen these ads when we started working on it.  Our inspiration might have been different…I guess it might have been like designing a home for the indian in the cupboard except more of a home for the personal chef, massage therapist, trainer, and personal assistant to bring you grapes while you recline.  Alas.  While we didn’t grasp the hoosier’s amazing functions, we did glean inspiration.



This came off the top of the hoosier 



and was the first inspiration for how this piece should look.



  kitchen aidaga  

viking2    smeg3

Then these were further inspiration.


,Who knows, maybe we’ll be younger and stronger when we finish this wonder-piece!

june & frankie

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