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Sit A Spell VII

July 10, 2013

On a stroll down Rue des Saints-Pères in Paris, I could not believe my stellar fortune.  As if the architecture and chocolate were not enough, there were storefronts with furniture in the windows.  Yes, one can window shop for sofas and tables and chandeliers on this rue.



These sofas are beautiful and so Paree!  And I could not help but think they would work well with my new favorite at The Fig.


My new favorite

Which got me to thinkin’ about this World War I song title that my history-major friend quotes often,

how ya gonna keep 'em2

     Which got me to thinkin’ that my new favorite calls for a new song.  The title

How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em in Paree?

(After They’ve Seen What’s on the Farm)

With rue that my suitcase was not sofa-size,


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