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Rain, Rain Go Away

July 14, 2013

My farming daddy used to say

Too little rain will hurt you…too much rain will kill you

Relentless rain takes its toll. 


009 (3)   View from The Fig barn

If it has not been raining, approaching ominous clouds have been on the horizon.  

Sitting in the barn yesterday,with the rain pouring, I surrendered. 

The barn has a leak.  The dahlias in the rose garden have succumbed.  And I have no idea what is next for my Mom.   Sometimes, it feels like loving will kill you.   Relentless pain takes its toll, too.

I think of my daddy, who lived through droughts and downpours – without despair.   He always had a way of accepting what came.   Sage and sweet surrender. 

I do not know what things will look like when the waters recede and the sun returns and burns off the oppressive gray.  I just know I can’t fight the white waters much longer.  They will take me where they will take me.  I surrender. 

Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.  Song of Songs 8:7

See you on the rapids,


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