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Fig Newton

July 21, 2013

As of rainy late…

002 (3)

the apple trees are laden at The Fig.

006 (4)

The pear trees, too.

And the grass, lofty, I tell ya.  

Yesterday, my dear man, mowed this tall, tall grass for me.   It was not exactly a piece of mowing cake to wield a big tractor with a rotary mower behind it around heavy laden fruit trees. He was, in his words, pummeled by apples and pears.  Absolutely pummeled.   But on the bright side, there were opportunities for Sir Isaac Newton moments.


sir isaac newton

Sir Isaac must have had a brush with the madness of people…I mean, who but a madman or madwoman could have made his hair curl like that?  As my dear one one was having just another day married to me, I’m sure he was thinking more about heavenly bodies  than madness, aren’t you?  Hmmm.

With thanks to the guy with the straight, straight hair,


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