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October 9, 2013

I was thrilled to receive photos from two young couples that we met at WOB!


Wes & Leigh’s home office

Wes made the desk a few years ago.  And the chairs have found their new home at this desk.  Love the chairs with it!  (I  think I could even learn to sew here:)

oak slab coffee table

Kevin & Malinda’s den

This rug was waiting for a coffee table.  And the oak slab table was waiting for this rug.  (I could relax here even with a screaming to-do list:)

I love how these couples waited for the right pieces.  And how their home spaces reflect that.  There is a certain je ne sais quoi about a room that has been decorated over time.  Maybe it’s the sense of history and time.  Maybe it’s the virtue of patience.  Maybe it’s the admittance, without apology, that I’m a work in progress.  Whatever it is, these kind of spaces are authentic and honest.  They are thoughtful and comfortable and beautiful.

Thanks, guys!

Note to self:  slow is good,


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