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Post Scripts

October 16, 2013

The Wide Open Bluegrass festival was definitely one of The Fig’s most memorable events. There are two more things I want to share.

#1 The good news/bad news/I guess really much more-good-than-bad news 

We almost sold out at WOBWe came home with only two pieces of furniture left in our inventory.  October has given us a time to begin again.  Begin-agains are a gift, eh?

#2  A clarification 

If you saw Frankie and I rolling on the sidewalk with laughter late on the last evening of WOB, there is a reason.  Frankie had been out delivering furniture, while I was manning The Fig tent.  I got a call from her while she was also on the elevator phone with a 911 operator. She calmly told me,  I’m going to be late.  I’m stuck in an elevator in the parking deck.

Firemen and policemen came to her rescue.

We literally ran into each other on the sidewalk (Frankie with her free-at-last smile, and me with my thank-God-relief)  When she recounted the story, we could not stand for the laughter.  Granted, we were punch-tired.  But oh, to laugh like a fool.  A laugh like that adds a week to your life, eh?

With thanks for firemen and policemen and begin-agains and fall-down-laughter,



Post P.S.   Here’s a couple of pieces that sold but had not found themselves on the website.


Tall desk chair from Bert’s in Sanford, desk built by The Fig



Live-edge slab console

Good October to you!

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