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January 2, 2015

As we have crossed the threshold into a new year, it is inevitably a time for reflection and anticipation.   

A few weeks ago, Frankie and I enjoyed a lovely winter afternoon.  We went to the Candlelight Tour of  homes in historic Oakwood.  We toured and visited a couple of  homes where these furniture pieces reside. 

DSCF1486  DSCF2536  021 

Cinderella                                                               German shrunk                                                 Rattan & Feathers

  019  vanityred

                        Walnut Island                                                                    Vanity

It truly was a joy to see our pieces in their homes.   We laughed a lot…remember the feathers…the near-mishap delivery…the thousand other things we shared.  It was a bit bittersweet, and also an abundant benediction. 

On New Year’s Eve, you straddle the threshold of looking back and looking forward.  New Year’s Day arrives, and you cross the threshold.  And when you cross a threshold, two things are happening at once – you are leaving one place and entering another.  As Frankie and I drove out of Raleigh on that recent Sunday evening, we crossed a threshold of sorts.  Thankful for what had been, but driving forward. 

front door

Callie,  former Fig barn cat, and current  threshold-straddling champ

May you have a smooth crossing into the new year,


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